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2022-23 Federal Waterfowl Stamp Species - The Redhead

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The featured species for the 2022-2023 Federal Waterfowl Stamp has finally been revealed… the Redhead. A beautiful duck and a sure species for any waterfowl hunter’s bucket list.

Redhead ducks are part of the diving ducks family, meaning they can completely submerge themselves under the water when they feed, joining other duck species such as the Bufflehead or Greater and Lesser Scaups. The diet of the redhead ranges from wild rices, and pant seeds to mollusks and other small aquatic animals. Since the diet is primarily a vegetarian one, this duck typically makes for a better table fare than its other diver cousins.

Physical Appearance

Indicative of the name, male Redheads have bright red feathers on their head, with black feathers adorning their neck and back, with gray bands stretching out across their wings. The bills are light blue with a black tip, and the feet are gray. Females bolster less vibrant colors, with faded brown heads and grayish feathers throughout their body and wings. Males can sometimes be mistaken for male Canvasbacks due to their similar head colors.

Where are they found?

Throughout the migration, Redheads can be found in large rafts with other species of diving ducks. With a range covering most of the United States, these ducks are most commonly found in the Midwest, prairie pothole region, and the Great Lakes Region, with wintering taking place in the Gulf Coast and Mexico.

It is estimated that around 80% of the species population winter in the Laguna Madre of Texas and Mexico. So for hunters looking to cross this species off of their list, this area would be a great place to start.

Get Inspired

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2022-23 Federal Waterfowl Stamp.


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